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03 November 2022, 05:00 PM

Visualization, Imagery, and Spatial Ability in Mathematics

A Talk by Safia Mohiuddin

Teaching and learning spatial abilities using mathematical connections is an important aspect of knowledge acquisition in STEM curriculums. Spatial skills have been an important area of research since 1800s. Mental imagery studies, visualization of numerical data, language, transformations, perspectives, dimension, mental rotation, schematics, and movement are a few areas that have been explored by researchers to enhance the "malleable" spatial ability in all groups of learners. New research on spatial ability training in mathematics draws upon connections in diverse disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience, and the culmination of arts, crafts, and design. Spatial skills and embodied learning predict mathematical and STEM success. Therefore, researchers propose targeted interventions for teaching and learning spatial skills. Spatial thinking can be enhanced from early childhood through informed practices such as the use of 2D and 3D shapes and language modulation. In this context, a number of tools have been proposed dealing in interaction with robots, computed-assisted geometry, 3D printing, VR games, and AR experiences. Educationists explain how these tools can be integrated into learning spaces to enhance specific spatial skills such as penetrative thinking and 3D transformation. This systematic review of recent literature is important for educators to understand the available interventions that enhance spatial skills, and therefore, mathematical and STEM learning experiences.

The full systematic review is available at

Safia Mohiuddin

Researcher and Scientific Writer, Parent

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