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Jayshree Krishnan

Integrating Coding to Enhance the Curriculum

A Talk by Jayshree Krishnan (STEAM Teacher, Hadley Elementary)

About this Talk

My session will include two examples how I have integrated Dash robots to enhance curriculum. The first included using Dash robots to march to commemorate the MLK Day celebrations. Students designed the "Signs of Change" Poster during their Library time and coded their robots with messages and sounds that they root for, aligned with their posters. I helped them tape the signs to the robots and students then run the code to do the march. It included all different kinds of messages ranging from LGBTQ rights, equality rights, animal cruelty, Environmental causes like pollution or deforestation, and the Black Lives Matter signs. My second project used Dash Robots as a mailman to deliver Teacher Appreciation Week Cards to the teachers.In both the cases, I could see 100% engagement by students and a sense of achievement when they coded their robots and showcased their talents to their peers and teachers.

October 16, 2023, 08:00 PM

08:00 PM - 08:30 PM

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Jayshree Krishnan

Jayshree Krishnan

STEAM Teacher, Hadley Elementary

‚ÄčA curious educator who finds joy in creating fun lessons for elementary students.