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Wendy Wells

Customer Success Manager, Wonder Workshop

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Wendy’s Lifepassion lies in cultivating an innovative approach to incorporating technology solutions for education and business entities in order to produce extraordinary results for teaching, learning and economic development. At scale, I have experience helping adults learn new things and adopt new behaviors; whether we call it professional development, training, or something else. I am impact-oriented and big thinking in terms of human development, learning progressions, and change management. I am results-driven and have operational savvy. I have managed complex operations; have overseen a lot of professional learning, worked in schools and school districts locally and globally. As a corporate professional, I have had all-encompassing executive presence to influence and collaborate with senior level staff internally, in school districts, in state agencies and in various businesses from the start-up culture to the seasoned business enterprises.


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Let’s Make Wonder to Incorporate Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Project Based Learning in the Classroom!

October 18, 2023, 12:00 AM
Elizabeth Kohut Wendy Wells Lucy Hamilburg